2 Mart 2013 Cumartesi

Venice in the North: BRUGES

I have not understood when the tourist guide said this city is the “Venice in the North”, until I saw the city plan. And all the things in my mind set up. City was hugging the rivers and the branch of its.  The towers of the city are standing like a guardian for whole these years, like protecting the city from all these actual darkness. Before coming this city, Bruges, watch the film “in Bruges” was made in 2008 but it will be a guide for you to decide what you want to see.  If you are an architect or a civil engineer you should see this city. You will find your inspiration angels in there. But also you don’t need to be an architect or something like this, for sure you will be as happy as them to see this city and surely you are going to find a different story or a different taste of city for every corner of its streets. 
Learning how richest people help the poor people, and how Napoleon ordered to people and of course to hear the ringing of bells, come and visit this city. Towers of Sint-Salvator Cathedral, City Hall Building and the different figures that symbolize the people who came the city in middle age, Basilica of the Holy Blood are the places that worth to see it. Besides these things, city hosts the “First Hospital in Europe”. Briefly, for seeing living and tasting some history you should visit. Oh I said tasting…  I almost forgot about the delicious beers that you can find amazing kind of beer over there. I didn’t have enough time to drink some beers but I heard the fame of them.  I am sure that you want to take a snapshot with swans where are located at the entrance of the city. They are standing like a best photo model on the world... As you know I am Turk and like all the Turks we like to taste all pleasures. If you have a tour with a coach you will feel better. The fresh air comes like a medicine… Go to the Bruges, have the best fun…

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